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Fragile US-led G7 tax compromise threatened by search for exemptions

Michael Devereux, Professor of Business Taxation, commented in the Financial Times on the UK’s opposition to including the City of London in the G7-backed corporation tax deal, he said it was akin to reservations the US had about the rest of the world taxing their tech giants.

Private equity and hedge fund firms invested pension cash for retired Ohio teachers. Here's what happened.

Research on private equity returns by Ludovic Phalippou, Professor of Financial Economics, was referenced in this article on pensions.

The little engine that could, and the oil giant that couldn’t

Bob Eccles, Visiting Professor of Management Practice, commented in Reuters on Exxon Mobils’ battle with an activist hedge fund, who won a landmark climate vote for board seats: 'Exxon Mobil worked very hard to lose this battle.'