No single organisation can take on the new challenges of the digital transformation of marketing on its own and no business school should conduct research and teach current and future leaders without true industry collaboration and partnership.

As such, Professor Stephen and Oxford Saïd launched the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative. This is a unique approach which brings together the brightest academic minds with high-level industry partners representing major brands, agencies, and technology companies – the key players who are shaping (and being shaped by) the future of marketing. Together, they discuss, debate, and address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for marketing in our increasingly digitised, socially interactive, and technologically complex world.

Hear from the Director

Andrew Stephen


Oxford Saïd will be a global hub for research and thought leadership around issues that strike at the heart of the future of marketing, where leading academics and organisations are convened to collaboratively work on addressing these issues.

  • The initiative will be a conduit for leading organisations to inform, contribute to, and impact our education mission and, specifically, marketing curriculum, so that current and future business leaders who come to Oxford Saïd for their education will be better-informed and future-ready marketers and executives.
  • The initiative’s faculty and research fellows will conduct research with the support (eg data, resources) of the industry partners. The research will be grounded in real-world issues of clear and direct relevance to marketing practice and will generate actionable insights that partners can use to drive changes that give rise to measurable business impacts.
  • For the academic and industry members of the initiative to always be thinking ahead, towards the future, and not caught up in the past. The initiative's collective thinking should always keep the future in mind and strive to identify emergent issues, marketplace phenomena, and challenges that can be discussed and studied.


Key themes

  • Future customers
  • Future marketers and business growth models
  • Future measurement and assessing the impact of marketing in an expanding multi-channel world
  • Future roles of creativity and innovation in marketing
  • Future role of marketing, meaningfulness, and purpose


Industry partners

This partnership brings together high-level industry partners representing major brands, agencies, and technology companies – the key players who are shaping (and being shaped by) the future of marketing.

  • Facebook
  • General Assembly
  • Google
  • Institute for Real Growth 
  • Kantar Group
  • L’Oréal
  • Mars
  • Mobile Marketing Association
  • Teradata​
  • Twitter
  • United Nations Unstereotype Alliance
  • WPP

Who are we?

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Meet our academics


Take a look at the current research been carried out by the marketing group in collaboration with our external Industry partners, and other global marketing academics.


IoT Ecosystem Brand

Traditional brand architecture and management is made more complex in an age of ecosystems, where additional customer value comes from the combination and interaction of brands outside the direct control of the manager. This white paper provides a look into the organisation of these modern ecosystem brands and an approach to their measurement and management.


Understanding Chief Digital Officers - Paradoxical protagonists of digital transformation

A new report by Oxford Saïd and General Assembly reveals contradictions and insecurity behind the newest C-suite role: the Chief Digital Officer. The findings reveal that the role is paradoxically part of the organisational ‘establishment’ while being asked to disrupt it, with a digital remit that can only be fulfilled by an organisation-wide change. View the illustrated findings or read the report in full.


Hear from the marketing faculty and external partners discussing current marketing issues throughout the Covid period.

Future Proof


The marketing podcast from Saïd Business School and Kantar.

Each episode features a frank discussion with industry experts. The series aims to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing and to dispel some myths and misconceptions along the way.

Listen to all the episodes, wherever you get your podcasts, or find out more as they are released.

Annual Report

2018 was a fantastic year for the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative, and for the Oxford Saïd marketing faculty in general.

The Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative has gone from strength to strength since its launch in November 2016, growing to nine corporate partners in just a short period. For a round-up of new partnerships, research projects, and leadership programmes, read the 2018 report.